About Us

Theori Housing Management Services Ltd have 15 years experience in working in partnership with a number of local authorities both in London and more recently out of London including:


LB Waltham Forest, LB Brent, LB Haringey, LB Newham, LB Westminster, LB Barking and Dagenham, LB Croydon, LB etc

Out of London

Brighton and Hove, Dudley, Etc.

Theori Housing Management Services Ltd has the experience and proven success in meeting the demands for suitable accommodation across a range of tenures, including emergency nightly accommodation, longer-term temporary to schemes securing access to the private sector and Assured Shorthold tenancies. All of these operating with sensitive management packages (e.g. taking account of the government’s welfare reform and affordability, suitability, local support) appropriate to the tenants needs.

Our continuing success speaks for itself in putting us at the fore front in providing an accommodation services that is second to none for local authorities in the private sector. We continuously strive to improve and develop new initiatives in partnership with both local authorities and Landlords to maintain our position and improve our services to our tenants. But don’t take our word for it our references speak for themselves.

We are based in East London, but have local response services in place to meet the local needs of the relevant scheme wherever the scheme is based.

Our Aim is to provide a cost effective, sensitive and achievable service to all involved and for not for the short term but the long term, to deliver a quality housing management service to the tenants or the landlords who provide the accommodation that make it possible.

Connect with us today and discover more about our administrations. We will be happy to talk about any property matters with you and offer a viable long term administration arrangement.