Easy Energy Saving Tips

Want to save money and save the environment? We’ve created a simple checklist of things that will help you do both:

  • Appliances
    • Turn off appliances (such as TV’s) when not in use – do not use standby modes
    • When replacing bulbs, opt for energy efficient bulbs
  • Cooking
    • Only boil as much water as you need
    • Use pans with good fitting lids
  • Heating
    • Turn your thermostat/heating down (turning this down by 1-2 degrees could save around £55 a year on bills)
    • Turn heating off when not needed
  • Washing
    • Use a lower temperature for washing clothes
    • Try to dry clothes naturally (i.e. using an airer)
  • Waste
    • Remember to recycle where possible (most Local Authorities offer a range of door-to-door collection services for recycling)
    • Take your own reusable bag with you shopping
    • Plan your shopping to avoid food wastage

Search online for Energy Savings Trust for more useful hints, tips and a FREE home energy check.