Tenancy Guide

Tenancy Guide

Prior to the start of your tenancy, you’ll be issued with a tenancy agreement which you must sign to confirm that you will accept the contract terms.

The tenancy agreement will vary depending upon the accommodation scheme you are on. We have outlined some key areas of your tenancy that are applicable in all situations:

  • Inform us if you need to be away from the property for more than 2 nights
  • Allow access to property to us – i.e. for safety checks or inspections
  • Report any concerns you may have to us
  • Utilities – you’ll usually be responsible for utility bills such as gas, electricity and water. You must ensure you advise utility companies as soon as you move in or move out so you are charged only the correct amount.
  • Contact us if you are planning to leave the property
  • When moving out, ensure you return all sets of keys to us directly (do not use post services)

Our useful contacts section has some key telephone numbers that you may need throughout your stay with us.

  • Maintenance Guide 
    Throughout your stay with us, we’ll conduct regular property inspections on the condition of the property. It is your responsibility to take reasonable care of the property and to reduce the need for repairs; we have created a short checklist below:
  • Smoke alarm – test your alarm once a week by pressing and holding the button (never remove the batteries). If the Alarm fails to operate you must contact us and report a fault.
  • Ventilation – you will need to ensure air vents, and windows, are regularly opened to allow the property to be ventilated and prevent damp/mould (don’t forget to shut windows when you go out)
  • Condensation – wipe any condensation from windows in the morning
  • Sinks – you should ensure that no food or other waste is allowed to block the drains
  • Garden – ensure no rubbish is allowed to build up and the garden is maintained
  • Waste – ensure all rubbish is kept in suitable containers and not allowed to build up
  • Painting or Decoration – you will need to call us if you want to make any changes to the property such as painting so we can obtain permission
  • Gas, electricity & water
    you should not interfere with or try to repair any gas, electrical, water supplies but report any issues as soon as possible. You should have been made aware of the isolation switches for gas, electricity and water in an emergency. Please note that failure to maintain your property to a suitable condition or issues that arise due to your neglect, maybe chargeable to you. If you do not know the location of the isolation switches, please contact us for details
  • Inspection Service
    To ensure our all properties remain of the highest possible standards, we conduct comprehensive initial property inspections which are supported by a full inventory with photographs and videos where necessary. After which, regular inspections are conducted by our in-house team at specified intervals dependent upon the scheme.

All property inspections are recorded and include details on:

  • Residing tenants
  • Safety fixtures & features
  • Utility readings
  • Condition & cleanliness of property
  • Tenant feedback

Additional inspections are undertaken where we are concerned for the health, safety and welfare of the residence (i.e. after a severe leak).