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We at Theori Housing have always been very aware of our corporate social responsibility to the community we are happy to be part of.

In these difficult and stressful times we felt that we needed to do something quickly to help the local community and alleviate the hardships that many local residents are now suffering through no fault of their own. Looking at the problems people are facing now and in the foreseeable future we felt that the most immediate issues people are facing are a stark choice of either feeding the family or heating and lighting the house.

We talked to Golden Giving, a not-for-profit charity that supports you to make a positive impact in society and local communities and they suggested contacting Eat or Heat, a registered charity based here in Waltham Forest. They are a food bank that endeavours to help feed people in these times of austerity. As the economic situation has deteriorated, they have seen more families that say “I can either heat and light the house, but can’t feed the family too”.

We feel that this is the most effective way that we can have an impact in helping the community and have as Theori Housing Management Services Ltd and as directors committed to donating £1000 per month as long as this crisis continues to Golden Giving for the local food banks in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.