Paying your rent

You must pay your rent and any service charge on time. If you have a weekly tenancy, your payment is due every week on a Monday, but you can choose to pay every two weeks or every month if you prefer – providing you pay in advance.

Paying your rent should be your first priority

You can pay your rent in the following ways:

  • By Standing Order
    You will need to contact your bank to set this up. Some online banking systems allow you to do this as well.
  • By Rent Card
    If you have lost your card, please let us know and we can send you a new one. The card can be used in outlets on the high street to make rent payments. Depending on your provider the ALLPAY app can be downloaded by you onto your phone or tablet to help you make payments more easily. Please note it takes 10 working days for the funds to reach our account when you make a payment using your rent card.
  • By Online Banking
    You can do this through your banks Online Banking Portal.
  • By Phone
    You can pay your rent over th phone using your debit card. Call us on 020 8988 1091 during office hours 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • By cheque
    Please make cheques payable to Theori Housing Management Services Ltd and write your tenancy code and property details on the back.

Please ensure you quote your rent reference number each time you make a payment.

We will send you a rent statement every three months, so you can check your balance and make sure we’ve received all your payments. If your balance has a minus sign, it means you’re in credit and you don’t owe us rent.

If you would like a copy of your rent statement or rent payment card, please call 020 8988 1091or email, including your name, address and account number (if available).

A big thank you goes to those of you paying your rent on time. We want to do better so we can use the money to improve your services and homes.

Easy Payments

Struggling to pay your rent?

Don’t let your debt mount up, find out how we can help you get back on track before it’s too late.


Housing Benefits

If you receive housing benefit, you can arrange for your local council to pay your benefit directly to us. Visit your local council’s website to find out more about housing benefit, or you can use the handy calculator by following the link below.


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