Tenant Handbook

Download your handbook to find out everything you need to know about our properties and services and what is expected from you as a tenant.

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My Tenancy

Your tenancy or lease sets out your rights and responsibilities as our resident. Here are some of the important areas you will need to know about.

  • Your Tenancy Agreement

    Your rights and responsibilities as our resident and ours as your landlord.

  • Altering Your Home

    If you’re a secure or assured tenant (but not an assured Shorthold tenant), you have the right to alter your home providing you get our written permission first.

  • Sub-letting & Lodgers

    If you are secure or assured tenant (only) and are considering sub-letting part of your home or taking in a lodger, please ensure you familiarise yourself with our rules to make sure you do not breach your tenancy conditions. Assured Shorthold tenants cannot sublet.

  • Your Right to Buy Your Home

    If you are a secure or assured tenant (only) you may be eligible to buy your home under the Government’s ‘Right to Buy Scheme’.

  • Update My Details

    We need up-to-date details about you and your household, so that we can carry on providing you with homes and services that meet your needs.

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Housing Benefits

If you receive housing benefit, you can arrange for your local council to pay your benefit directly to us. Visit your local council’s website to find out more about housing benefit, or you can use the handy calculator by following the link below.


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