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As of the 1st January 2018 Theori Housing Management Services will be applying a more stringent procedure on all tenant recharges.

Residents are made aware within the terms and conditions of their Tenancy Agreement they are to ensure the property is maintained to a reasonable standard as they will be held liable for any damages caused.

Following the new procedure, all residents will be notified in writing of any damages or charges deemed their responsibility and an invoice will be issued to the resident alongside this notice.

All residents will be provided with 30 days to pay the invoice and payment plans are available upon request.

Further action will be taken against any resident who fails to comply with the above stated procedure.

Below you will find a list of examples of some cases whereby residents will be recharged:

  • Aborted calls.
  • Accidental damages e.g. broken toilet seats, window handles, light fittings etc.
  • Poor decoration e.g. marks on walls, bright colours, poor decoration in general.
  • Blockages e.g. blocked toilets, basins and baths.
If you have a repair but are unsure if it is tenant rechargeable our team are always on hand to discuss these matters with you, please contact our repairs team on 020 8988 1091 if you wish to discuss tenant re-charges in more detail.